di | 3 Ottobre 2006

Il progetto NA-TE NAtural TEchnology prodotto da Portobeseno e andato in scena venerdi 16 giugno 2006  al Castello di Beseno (qui il link allo scheda dello spettacolo) è stato selezionato per un concorso a Berlino.

T-Rex Short Movie Challenge 2006 short film contest

Berlin – Wednesday, 15th November 2006

Thanks the influence of technologic devices, as electronic and digital, new production takes place in our culture, today more than before concentrate on video-art. New experiences, between art and mass-media through new technologies, become audio-video energies. In particular short films have more and more importance on our culture.

The first edition of this short film contest within the topic “La Zingarata, make your tourism bizarre” has the aim to propose the italian film culture in a young atmosphere. T-Rex Galerie joins the italian film culture with the most important italian house music label: Tenax Recording (Florence). Through this new language between short film and house music, the watcher could get new exchange of feeling.

With the digital technology explosion and the new digital instrument for the final user, concerning video editing and shooting, today young movie makers with new ideas could test them creativity. T-Rex Galerie will present a new place where short films meet house music in a suggestive location.