Jeyon Kim live @ PORTOBESENO festival 2012

di | 30 Luglio 2012

Portobeseno by Jiyeon Kim

PORTOBESENO is a soundscape/music festival taking place in Calliano, near Trento, northern italy. I was invited to its residence program (6/25-29, 2012).

During my stay for five days, I recorded environmental sounds of the region and also generated resonances from found objects with my sound devices(oscillator and feedback set). A watergate, storages in the farm and vineyard iron wires were my main objects to work on. In composing and mixing, some of recordings were processed to some degree and some were left as it were recorded. The track evolves around three places/sonic ideas -village, mountain, and farm.

estratto della performance live 29 giugno 2012


scheda progetto residenza + live Jeyon Kim

scheda rassegna PAESAGGI TIPICI 2012


Jiyeon Kim

immagini della residenza di Jiyeon Kim a Portobeseno