Portobeseno @ Firenze

di | 16 Maggio 2011



EX3 – Viale Giannotti 81/83/85 50126 Firenze-Italia
Videos & Sound Installations May 20-22 2011




Microstorie dal paesaggio

sound installation
audio stories and cartography, pictures, Plexiglas, neon, transducer, brass; cm 80 x 80 x 12 conceiving and editing: Sara Maino
project “Microstories from the landscape” by Sara Maino and Davide Ondertoller
Production Festival Portobeseno 2009
This installation offers short life stories and landscapeʼs sounds of Alta Vallagarina Valley in Trentino:
among them the community of Besenello, the mountain of Scanuppia, the Cavallo/Rossbach river, the old mills of Dietrobeseno and Calliano, the National Road SS 12 near Castelpietra.
The Plexiglas “sound box” is interactive and it can be placed on any kind of support.
There is a map printed inside the box with six buttons.
By pressing the buttons you can listen to two different sounds coming from that point recalling one the peopleʼs memory and the other the sound of the environment respectively. The sound is created inside the doors that close the box.
This installation records the valleyʼs change orally told by local people. This has a main target: to represent and preserve the memory of those places which are important for a community through researches and creativity.
It invites people to discover a territory, it explores emotional maps, it may suggest and recall new stories and reconstruction of past way of living reassembling fragments of life.
The project “Microstories from the landscape” is a research and a collection of memories of the Vallagarinaʼs Community started since 2005. It is enriched by reflections on landscape’s situational.
The project started in 2005 with a research among elderly living within the Community of Vallagarina and was followed by a collection of stories of life between the ’30th an 80th of last century around the area of Beseno’s castle.

fonte: http://www.paesaggiosonoro.it/keepanearon/abstract.php?id=218